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Alberwaz Insurance

Meet BIB

Al Berwaz Insurance Brokers L.L.C. is one of the fast-growing independent consultants that provide expert advice to clients and investors around the UAE since 1995.

Our role as a broker means that it is vital, we find the most suitable company for our clients’ needs. Having been in the market since 1995, BIB is proud to have strong relations with all the leading global and local insurers in the UAE. We focus on helping our clients in realizing their main objectives and create value by providing professional insurance & risk management advice and services, tailored to suit their needs.

Our vision:

To stay a trusted adviser for individuals and corporates by providing the best support, service and consultations for all their insurance needs.

Our mission:

To provide high quality insurance services to our clients and protect their investments by risk management and issuing all various insurance policies in accordance with the laws, strategies and established by the insurance and health authorities in the United Arab Emirates.

Our Values:






 Customer satisfaction